Do you want more leads, sales opportunities and clients?

Raise your game with these


1 - LinkedIn Lead Generation Foundations - essential LinkedIn profile, network, content and activity for Lead Gen

2 - Social Prospecting (Social Selling) - find the people you'd like as clients and make contact with them

3 - Account Based Marketing (ABM) - dive deep into major companies and clients for larger/complex sales

4 - Advanced Personal Branding - develop your position, reputation and visibility to attract more opportunities

5 - Referral Marketing - actively identify, recruit, educate and motivate referral partners

6 - Article Marketing - create demand and leads through carefully crafted articles in LinkedIn

7 - Company Page - support your team, promote your business and advertise for leads.


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LinkedIn Review Service from Wurlwind

Customer Testimonials for our LinkedIn Training, Profile Rewrites and LinkedIn Consultancy

Andy Paterson-Jones LinkedIn Image

We commissioned Mark to rewrite the LinkedIn Profiles of the 4 founders and create the LinkedIn Company Page when we launched our Premium Brands Agency “The London Gentleman”. We’re delighted that it’s helped us to initiate sales conversations with several premium brands and create some really high value opportunities. Mark’s approach and advice was excellent and really valuable.

Bonnie Thomas LinkedIn Image

Thank you for a very useful day taking me through LinkedIn. I feel as though I have learned the tricks of the trade, but more importantly I now have the confidence to have a go!

Duncan Laker Linkedin Portrait

The hours with Mark will save me days of wasted fiddling. I am confident that I can now use LinkedIn effectively.

LinkedIn Success Stories

MH received a partnership enquiry worth potentially £250k pa within weeks of his LinkedIn profile rewrite

PT had an enquiry that turned into a 3 month consultancy engagement within days of her LinkedIn profile update

MS receives a steady stream of enquiries and referrals as a result of regular activity on LinkedIn

Wurlwind Social Selling Matrix - Social Prospecting

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Struggling to generate leads from Linkedin? This quick reference guide highlights SEVEN STRATEGIES to really leverage LinkedIn to generate leads and sales opportunities.Get your copy of our LinkedIn Lead Generation Pocket Guide here:>
Mark Stonham LinkedIn Trainer Wurlwind

Meet Mark Stonham

I help consultants and people running knowledge businesses to leverage LinkedIn more effectively to grow their business.

View MARK STONHAM's profile on LinkedIn    @markjstonham

Wurlwind - Social Selling Goals and Objectives

Start with Goals and Objectives

Your LinkedIn progress, sales success and business growth starts with clarity about your Goals. Follow these tips to define your Goals:>  Track your LinkedIn and Social Selling progress with the LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI).Get your SSI Score for FREE here

Dress for Success Online with a Professional LinkedIn Profile Rewrite

Carefully selected Products and Tools for effective Social Selling and Business Development.

Wealth Dynamics Square with Celebrity Personalities

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When we do the things that come naturally to us it's much easier to create value.Discover your natural strength in business here...
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Try NIMBLE CRM for social selling

Are you struggling to juggle multiple communications channels, hundreds or thousands of contacts and to-dos, diary & calendar activities and your sales pipeline? Take 2 minutes to read our review and see how Nimble and LinkedIn work very well together

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