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LinkedIn Lead Generation 7 Strategies Diagram Wurlwind

1 - LinkedIn Lead Generation Foundations - essential LinkedIn profile, network, content and activity for Lead Gen

2 - Social Prospecting (Social Selling) - find the people you'd like as clients and make contact with them

3 - Account Based Marketing (ABM) - dive deep into major companies and clients for larger/complex sales

4 - Advanced Personal Branding - develop your position, reputation and visibility to attract more opportunities

5 - Referral Marketing - actively identify, recruit, educate and motivate referral partners

6 - Article Marketing - create demand and leads through carefully crafted articles in LinkedIn

7 - Company Page - support your team, promote your business and advertise for leads.

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LinkedIn Success Stories

MH received a partnership enquiry worth potentially £250k pa within weeks of his LinkedIn profile rewrite

PT had an enquiry that turned into a 3 month consultancy engagement within days of her LinkedIn profile update

MS receives a steady stream of enquiries and referrals as a result of regular activity on LinkedIn

Customer Testimonials for our LinkedIn Training, Profile Rewrites and LinkedIn Consultancy

James Brown LinkedIn Portrait

A day well spent away from the office on Mark’s LinkedIn Masterclass

I personally recommend the Profile Update service, as Mark has extensively improved my own LinkedIn profile. This includes sharply refocusing existing content, adding valuable new content, and numerous other actions that establish me as a subject matter expert. Don’t hesitate.

Tony Coll

Three cheers for Mark Stonham! This is an excellent workshop and particularly recommended for people who think they know everything there is to know about LinkedIn. I defy anyone to attend this fascinating session without having at least one new dimension added to their understanding of this amazing business tool.