Top 10 LinkedIn Strategies and Tips from Wurlwind in 2012 – Part 2

LinkedIn training and Consultancy from WurlwindWelcome to the top 5 on the list of LinkedIn Strategies and Tips from Wurlwind from 2012. These strategies will continue to be relevant and important through 2013 and beyond.

If this list provides you with just one idea to apply to generate more leads, increase sales and grow your business then that’s a great result.

For Sales People and Business Owners who invest in LinkedIn skills and who actively participate in the LinkedIn in a focused way there are many potential benefits. These include initiating sales related conversations, developing a referral network, lead generation and winning new customers.

2013 should be a great year for sales people and business owners who leverage LinkedIn to grow their businesses.

Perhaps the first point to cover is why is LinkedIn becoming more important and valuable for Sales People and Business Owners.

Three things fueling the increasing value of the LinkedIn network

Very quickly, I’m seeing the following three areas are driving the increasing value of LinkedIn.

  • the increasing functionality provided by the LinkedIn application platform – underlying the strategies in this article
  • the rapid growth in the number of people in the LinkedIn community – over 185m worldwide, and 10 m in the UK.
  • the level of engagement and involvement of people – people with more connections, who read and who comment more.

And with this growth so the potential benefit increases, for those who know how to tap into it to help them meet their goals.

LinkedIn Strategies to boost your lead generation and sales

5. 10 ways to position yourself as a Leader on LinkedIn

The value of being a leader and taking the lead, in LinkedIn and in Sales and Business, is enormous. For example, it gives people a reason to ‘follow’ you, emotionally, intellectually and physically. It provides added value to your customers, if you take the initiative and they trust you. If you can do this in the content you create it also gives people a reason to share what you have created. Find out how you can build and apply this leadership positioning within LinkedIn.

4. How to get Better Connected and Find Prospects in LinkedIn

The number of people you are connected with and through in LinkedIn has a significant bearing on your networking reach and on the results you can achieve within LinkedIn.  Bottom line, the larger your network the easier it is to find people and to be found within LinkedIn. Discover some powerful strategies to increase your network, and to find prospects within LinkedIn.

3. The 12 Best Company Pages on LinkedIn 2012

LinkedIn Company pages were redesigned in the Autumn of 2012. They can be a really powerful showcase for your business in many ways. In some organisations the HR department has take the lead and use the company pages to support recruitment. In other businesses there’s a marketing emphasis. Business Owners can use them to showcase the company and it’s products and services, create a customer-centric page with testimonials, and content updates that emphasise market positioning and encourage lead generation. What is amazing is how few businesses have so far created even a place-holder page, never mind really started to exploit the potential. See what you think of these examples, and gather ideas.

NB. Wurlwind offers a service to create your company page and start to promote it for you.

2. Five steps to use LinkedIn Company Status updates to generate leads

Once you have a company page then posting Company Status Updates makes it worth following. Updates give you, your colleagues, partners, customers and others something to share and comment on. And with the right mix of content posts this can become a pillar of your lead generation.

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1. Ten ways to use LinkedIn to feed your lead generation process

In first position there is no one strategy that will generate leads, but a whole variety of options. Some will be better for some people and business than others, and it will depend of resources, goals, and your target audience. Take a look through the ideas and options here and see which trigger ideas that would be worth considering as part of your overall marketing and sales strategy, operations and tactical plan.

I do hope you’ve found this collection of articles, strategies and tips useful, both as a fast-start for 2013, or as a reference point for the future.

If so, please share with others who you know directly who could benefit, and openly via LinkedIn and other social media. Share buttons at the bottom.

And finally, do visit the Wurlwind Company Page on LinkedIn. There you can see how we apply and many of the techniques outlined in these articles, and many that there hasn’t been room for, or which we haven’t yet thought of. There are also sign-posts to other resources that should be helpful for sales people and business owners.

Best wishes for your success in 2013 and beyond.

Mark Stonham Wurlwind Lead Consultant

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