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The “Mix of SIX” LinkedIn Status Updates for Social Selling Success

If you’re struggling to work out what Status Updates to post on LinkedIn this article is for you. The “Mix of Six” LinkedIn Status Updates will help you to get much more from LinkedIn, whether you are an entrepreneur or business owner working on your own, whether you head up a business or a sales […]

Personal Branding for Sales – ignore this at your peril

What do people know about you?   Have you taken responsibility for this? As sales and business becomes faster paced, more global and communication is more digital and online it’s getting more competitive and challenging to be visible and memorable. It’s no longer enough just to know stuff. And it’s not enough to know lots […]

LinkedIn Recent Activity and LinkedIn Top Updates

Two changes made by LinkedIn this month, (Recent Activity and Top Updates), deserve clarification because LinkedIn has been very quiet about the changes and their implications. This article outlines the changes and highlights some opportunities they create, and some draw-backs. These changes create an opportunity to review our approach, strategy and techniques for LinkedIn. For […]

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LinkedIn Personal Profile – ten steps to optimise yours

It’s surprising how many people have a very superficial personal profile on LinkedIn. The lack of a photograph, sketchy information and a brief one-line work history is unlikely to impress customers, prospects or candidates if you’re recruiting. On the other hand, a couple of hours spent updating your LinkedIn Personal Profile will pay dividends over […]

Personal Branding – 7 steps to define and develop your personal brand

Many people I talk to have great difficulty defining their personal brand, and expressing the value they provide to others, and then building on that once they have. When working for a company it tends to be the company brand that matters and our position or job title within the company defines us. Some extrovert […]

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Online lead generation – 10 strategies to STAND OUT in a Crowd

How do you get noticed by the right people, and increase the effectiveness of your online lead generation activities? Here are 10 strategies to help you to think SMART and be CREATIVE to get yourself, your customer value proposition or your offer noticed. And to clarify the purpose, the Call to Action (CTA) at this […]

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