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The “Mix of SIX” LinkedIn Status Updates for Social Selling Success

If you’re struggling to work out what Status Updates to post on LinkedIn this article is for you. The “Mix of Six” LinkedIn Status Updates will help you to get much more from LinkedIn, whether you are an entrepreneur or business owner working on your own, whether you head up a business or a sales […]

Top 10 LinkedIn Strategies and Tips from Wurlwind in 2012 – Part 2

Welcome to the top 5 on the list of LinkedIn Strategies and Tips from Wurlwind from 2012. These strategies will continue to be relevant and important through 2013 and beyond. If this list provides you with just one idea to apply to generate more leads, increase sales and grow your business then that’s a great […]

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LinkedIn Company Page and Directory – how to make the most of them

If you needed to find skills, products or services for your business have you tried a LinkedIn Company Page search? Google is probably the place most people head to, but the quality of the results can be very mixed to say the least. LinkedIn has many advantages over Google. It’s not just for finding people, […]

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