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10 ways to improve your market segmentation and lead definition

Market segmentation underpins your business success. Identifying which customers you want to serve leads into creating value propositions that meet their needs and communicating your value clearly to them. Improving your segmentation will help to increase your conversion rates, reduce wastage of time and expenses and improve your sales and return on investment. With online […]

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Five steps to use LinkedIn Status Updates as a Company to generate leads

LinkedIn Status Updates is one of many ways you can promote your business and generate leads. As with other online networks and resources, such as your Website and Twitter, there are three things you need to do: provide something worthwhile for visitors to see and read and ideally to share include content that indirectly or […]

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What is a Lead Generation Review and why is it worthwhile?

Are you getting enough leads? Is your marketing generating an abundance of quality leads to feed your sales, revenue and profits? Find out how you can generate more and better leads, and build a stronger lead generation engine. Related articles: Opportunity Creation – pro-active Lead Generation and Lead Conversion Recent research results published by MarketingSherpa* […]

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