Social Media Report highlights and infographic for B2B marketers

Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2012One thing this Social Media Report highlights is that Business to Business (B2B) marketers are neck and neck with those in B2C for experience, and in many areas they are ahead on results achieved. If you think Social Media is mainly a Business to Consumer (B2C) activity think again.

Three key findings in the Social Media Report

In the following three areas the B2B marketers are well ahead of their B2C colleagues in their use of Social Media

B2B focus areas

  • Gathering marketplace insights
  • Improving search rankings
  • Acquiring new business partnerships

B2B invest in network and content

B2B marketers are investing their time in two areas far more than their B2C counterparts:

  • Building a strong network of people (where LinkedIn is the network of choice)
  • Blogging and content marketing to increase search rankings

B2B favour LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+

Popular Social Media networks and tools used by B2B include:

  • Facebook and LinkedIn – on equal ranking at 87% – with LinkedIn chosen by more B2B folks than B2C
  • Twitter favoured by more B2B marketers than B2C
  • Google+ makes a good showing as ‘the new kid on the block’, and again is preferred by more B2B than B2C marketers

How B2B Marketers Are Scoring Big with Social Media by Marketo

B2B Marketers focus on Social Media Results

The close connection between marketing, lead generation and sales in B2B markets is reflected in the areas where B2B marketers, and company managers and directors, want more information and evidence, in order to justify and fine-tune resources and tactics. These areas include:

  • Measuring the effectiveness of Social Media
  • Converting Social Media activities into Sales
  • Discovering best Social Media tactics

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Marketing Industry Social Media Report 2012

These findings are highlights from the fourth annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report. Conducted by Social Media Examiner, the survey asked more than 3,800 marketers where they focus their social media activities, how much time they invest and what the rewards are for doing so.

Marketo partnered with ColumnFive and created this infographic to display the key findings in the report including; what social networks marketers will focus on in the future, the top benefits of social media marketing, the most used social media tools and more.


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