SalesLoft Sales Intelligence and Trigger Event Alert Review

Sales Loft sales intelligence and trigger event alertsHow do you find sales opportunities in LinkedIn? Clue: how can you spot a Trigger Event?

The answer to this question is pivotal to Social Selling Success.

Sure, you can use LinkedIn to raise your profile through groups and discussions, build a following, highlight the great content you are publishing, increase sign-ups to your email newsletters, increase your likelihood of being found for keywords, develop and nurture relationships, and many other layers of activity that provide an effective social selling platform.

As well as all this Inbound Marketing activity, it is also very beneficial to have tools to support your Outbound Sales and Lead Generation.

The ability to extract Sales Intelligence from LinkedIn is a relatively new area, especially for smaller and very focused B2B  sales organisations.

SalesLoft is part of a new breed of sales intelligence and social media monitoring tools. It is focused on lead generation and relationship building typical of B2B sales.

SalesLoft and Trigger Event Alerts

Within a week of setting up SalesLoft I was seeing massive opportunity and potential through this tool.

On a practical level, I am receiving a daily alert by email, highlighting people in my LinkedIn network who have changed their profile information, and more specifically, changed their headline and position information, or changed jobs.

What I particularly like is you see the before and after – what their headline or position wording was before and then afterward. This helps to identify the key changes, from the cosmetic.

To give some examples from the last couple of days:

  • A professional services partner who has changed his company name indicating a merger was now public domain
  • A technology company CEO in my network who had left a company and was now looking for a new position
  • A marketing manager at a major bank who had changed her job title to reflect a new role she has
  • A Director in an Educational Charity who has changed region
  • A tech MD who has updated his headline and job to reflect a shift in his company focus.

Each of these represented a trigger event, and an opportunity to look more closely at what was going on for that person, their department and the firm or company. I was then able to construct a very personal, targeted and relevant message for each of them, highlighting a topic that should be a valuable conversation around an area I can add value.

The power of a trigger event

I’ll admit that as I write this, trigger events is a relatively new concept that I’ve become familiar with over the last couple of months. What is particularly powerful is the alignment between trigger events and social media and social selling.

SalesLoft provides sales intelligence and trigger event alerts to individual sales people enabling them to be far more precise about who they communicate with, when they communicate and what they communicate about.

For further information about Trigger Event Selling, see related articles on this website and the book SHIFT! by Craig Elias and Tibor Shanto

Who could benefit from SalesLoft?

Essentially anyone can benefit, but in particular if you meet the following profile:

  • If you are a SalesPerson (and you should be able to use SalesLoft outside of your company IT infrastructure)
  • If you are a Business Owner, Consultant, Solo-preneur
  • If you are in HR or recruitment also – but that is a different subject area
  • If you are responsible for a sales team
  • If you have a LinkedIn profile
  • If you want to build better relationships with people in your LinkedIn network
  • If you want to be alerted to sales opportunities on a daily basis by email
  • If you want to work SMARTER and get ahead of your competition.

How to get started with SalesLoft?

  • Sign-up for Salesloft for free here 
  • Link to your LinkedIn account
  • Start receiving email alerts
  • Tip#1 – now start growing your LinkedIn Network
  • Tip#2 – and then look at the SalesLoft Prospecting Tool

Have a great time prospecting and building effective and fruitful sales relationships.