Nimble Social CRM Review – The Heart of your Social Selling

Nimble Social CRM – helps you manage sales relationships in the social world.

Nimble is the next generation Customer Relationship Management. It is a true Social CRM platform, by design.

Nimble unifies all of your contacts, communications, activities and sales information in one easy-to-use, web-based solution. Nimble scales from a single user, through SME / SMB companies to teams in large enterprises.

Nimble integrates popular social media channels and email into a single app that you’ll just love to use.

And you and your team get Opportunity and Deal management to help you really drive your Sales Pipeline.

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Introducing Nimble CRM – the Simply Insightful Relationship Manager.

See how Nimble provides a smart and easy way to track, engage and nurture contacts to help busy professionals build better relationships in a noisy, multi-channel world.

See how Nimble CRM helps you manage ALL your sales tasks in one place

Discover how Nimble brings together contacts, calendar, communications and collaborations in one simple platform – linking to the most popular social channels (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) and creating a powerful sales dashboard.

Nimble CRM key areas highlighted in the tabs below

Unify Your Contacts, Calendars, Communications and Collaboration

Nimble puts all of your contacts, tasks, events, emails and the most popular social streams (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) in one place, so you can be more productive and effective. You can also see what your team members have said and done too.

  • Manage all of your business contacts in an easy-to-navigate screen
  • Receive all emails, tweets and status updates in one inbox
  • Connect your contacts to new events and tasks with a single click

Nimble CRM Contact Record View

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View multiple Social Media streams very easily

Nimble helps your business find and listen to social conversations, and identify relevant business contacts, so you spot new opportunities more easily.

  • Follow tweets and status updates from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in one screen
  • Automatically see public profiles to quickly identify key prospects

Nimble CRM Social Stream View

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Engage the Right Prospects Quickly

Once you find relevant prospects, Nimble helps you engage them in meaningful conversations, and transform them into long-term customers.

  • Instantly respond to business-relevant conversations or set tasks to follow up later
  • Add relevant prospects to Nimble with one click or share them with your team

Nimble CRM Import Contact from Social Stream

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One place to see your incoming messages

See and manage all your online communications – email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook – in one place, so you can keep in contact much more easily and be more responsive.

  • Quickly filter and see communications by type, channel, group etc.
  • Respond and reply very quickly too, to develop the conversation and build relationships

Nimble CRM Messages View

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One place to see your events, meetings, reminders and to-do tasks

See and manage all your activities in one place – so you can manage your time better

  • Schedule and record events for meetings with reminders
  • Add tasks and to-do activities so you don’t forget

Nimble CRM Calendar Activities View

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Track and manage sales deals, opportunities and sales pipeline

See and manage all your deals*, and the deals that your team are running with*

  • Easily click through from the opportunity to the contact record to see All related activities
  • Sort and select deals to get real clarity over your sales pipeline*

* Sales Opportunities are part of the Nimble Business Edition

Nimble CRM Sales Pipeline Opportunities

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Awards and Recognitions for Nimble Social CRM

PC Mag Editors Choice Award Nimble Gartner Cool Vendor 2011 Award Nimble ZDNet Award Nimble Red Herring Finalist

Publications around the world have recognized Nimble as a revolutionary Social Business solution. The platform was awarded PC Magazine “Editors’ Choice” as well as the coveted “DEMO God” award from a field of hundreds of start-up contenders. It has also been recognized by leading analyst firm, Gartner, as a “Cool Vendor” for Social Software and Collaboration and placed on “The CRM Watchlist 2011” by Social CRM expert and best-selling author, Paul Greenberg.

Nimble Social CRM pedigree and Jon Ferrara profile

Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara  has a great pedigree when it comes to the sales process, sales tools, Customer Relationship Management, Social Media and  the current state of technology. Ferrara was a co-founder of GoldMine, one of the early sales management tools.  He sold that company for about $100 million to FrontRange Partners in 1999.

Ferrara, a salesman before he helped build GoldMine, says he’s still trying to make the sales life easier for companies. “The best products come from your own need,” he said. And now the need involves turning the flood of information in our social-media-driven world into sales.

After spending $2 million of his own money to build the technology behind Nimble and assemble a team for the Southern California company, he’s ready to raise real money. In January 2012 Jon raised $1 million for his company Nimble from high-profile investors including Mark Cuban and Google Ventures.

Nimble is trusted, safe and secure

All information stored in Nimble is protected with the encryption enjoyed by banks, and secured from downtime and data loss with multiple redundant servers.

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Nimble Business Edition

Nimble Business provides all the function of the Personal Edition and adds more email and social media accounts, more sales opportunities, more users as it connects people into a team. Nimble Business edition is available for a small monthly fee ($15 per user), after the free trial period.

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