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Most sales tasks in the modern, social selling environment require us to access multiple systems, usually via a web browser.

I know all too well that disconnected systems make this extremely frustrating, with copy and paste being the sticking plaster that patches over the huge cracks.

Consider just some of the tasks that sales people and business owners carry out every day, like:

  • reading, researching and replying to emails
  • checking Linkedin and maintaining relationships and communications there
  • checking Twitter and being conversational
  • adding ad-hoc contacts to the CRM
  • building a prospect list
  • working through the to-do list of sales tasks
  • progressing deals in the sales pipeline

Take a look and see how many Browser Tabs you have open right now. I’ll take a stab and say there’s at least SIX.

And below the surface this means your data about customers and communications and activities is in silos, residing in specific applications: in email, calendar, LinkedIn, Twitter, CRM, Google Drive and your list may well go on.

How Sales Productivity can be significantly improved

Here’s an outline of a CRM system I’ve been using for 5+ years to help me manage the selling side of my business.

This Nimble CRM review highlights key features of Nimble that I’m using, and the benefits I’m getting.

In particular I’d like to outline the Nimble Browser widget to you. This brings contact details and the ability to perform key sales tasks right into other applications. Read on as I walk you through a sequence of screens.

The Nimble Browser Widget in action with LinkedIn

Here is a scenario where Nimble provides great support when using LinkedIn.

1. Access Nimble while in a LinkedIn record

Having installed the Nimble Contacts Widget in your Browser (see below), highlight the name of the contact in LinkedIn and Right Click to open the options pop-up and select “A Nimble Search for [Contact Name]”.

Nimble Widget in LinkedIn

2. View the Contact Record from Nimble while still in LinkedIn

If the Contact already has a record in Nimble this will be displayed in the pop-up. If no record is found there are prompts to create a record for that contact while still in the browser pop-up.

Nimble Panel in Browser

3. Perform Sales tasks while in the Browser pop-up

While still in the pop-up you can:

  • Send an Email to the contact
  • Add a Task
  • Add an Event
  • Add a Note
  • Add a Deal
  • Add a Touch Log
  • Enter Lead Details
  • And MUCH MORE…

This is a serious productivity gain when using LinkedIn for Prospecting and Sales activities.
Nimble Task Options in Browser
And the Nimble Contacts Browser Widget works in any browser based application, including Gmail, Email Marketing apps, Hootsuite and many more.

4. Open up the full contact record in Nimble

If there is a need to access the full contact record that is just a click away. The menu options within the record (at the bottom of the display) provide access to Pending and History Activities, Full Contact Info, Social Media, Quick Look-ups (Integration to other Apps) and Attachments (Google Drive or DropBox).

Nimble Contact Record Screen

The Nimble Contacts Widget is an amazing Sales Productivity tool.

Download it for free from your Browser Store, eg. for CHROME – DOWNLOAD HERE

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Who should consider Nimble CRM?

Nimble is ideal for people who have contact with prospects and customers in a sales and selling role, such as:

  • Self-employed business owners such as consultants,
  • Sales professionals and sales teams,

And also:

  • People struggling to manage multi-channel sales communications
  • People wanting a way to increase their relationship selling with more contacts without becoming overwhelmed.

Key areas of sales activity that Nimble CRM supports

  • Nimble excels in the One to One sales activity area, typical of larger complex sales
  • Nimble also excels in supporting the office based, lead generating, inside-sales person
  • Creating a record from an ad-hoc contact, eg. someone from a networking meeting or via LinkedIn
  • Adding Tasks and Notes during the course of contact activity during a sales relationship
  • Scheduling follow-up calls, meetings, tasks
  • Creating pipeline opportunities and managing and progressing them to a sale, and beyond
  • Social Media interactions especially via Twitter

Neat things about Nimble CRM

  • Auto-discovery of Social Profiles of people
  • Integration with multiple systems especially Gmail, Gcal, Twitter and to a lesser extent LinkedIn and Facebook (since they withdrew the API).
  • Trigger event prompts – new in Version 3
  • Email Broadcasts to small lists of contacts
  • The App Marketplace which includes an increasing number of third party apps


  • Nimble is not a full function email marketing system – but it does integrate with many email marketing systems.
  • If you currently use Microsoft Exchange check carefully for the latest integration news

Related sales apps that Nimble CRM inter-operates with

  • The major Social Networks: – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+
  • Major Social Selling tools: Hootsuite, Rapportive,
  • Email marketing: Hubspot, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber and many more
  • Sales Apps: Quoteroller, Pipelinedeals, RightSignature, ContactMonkey and more
  • Interface software: Zapier, Import2,

The list is extremely long so check the Nimble Website and the Nimble Apps Marketplace

  • There is also a neat way to embed external web pages, which I use to integrate InTouch CRM with Nimble.

Nimble CRM review conclusions

If your contact with customers and prospects is increasingly through Social Media as well as traditional channels (face to face, phone, email etc) then

  • Nimble provides a really strong Sales Contact Management, Social Relationship Development and  Social Selling solution.
  • Nimble is a good benchmark to compare other Social Sales Management systems against.
  • Nimble has been architected to be a Social CRM, rather than having Social added to a traditional CRM, which is a significant strength.
  • Nimble is a rapidly maturing CRM system and I anticipate new innovations will be delivered regularly.
  • Nimble is the creation of Jon Ferrara who created Goldmine 25 years ago. Jon understands the needs of Sales people, and it shows in the Nimble CRM system.

Additional Resources related to Nimble CRM

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