LinkedIn for Lead Generation and Sales

LinkedWin Logo - LinkedIn Tips from WurlwindWith 380m+ user profiles and 3m+ company profiles, LinkedIn is a massive market opportunity for those who learn and apply techniques to access the value within it.

Picture the scene:

  • you walk into a networking event with 100 people at a hotel – you can recreate this online in LinkedIn, and ‘work the room’.
  • you speak at or exhibit at a trade conference with 500-1000 delegates at a hotel – you can recreate this online through LinkedIn, and get in front of potential buyers.
  • you exhibit at a trade event with 1000 -5000 attendees at an exhibition centre – you and your team can reach a similar audience online through LinkedIn
  • and so your reach extends – finding and connecting with your niche audience, locally, nationally and internationally, through LinkedIn.

The beauty is that doing this through LinkedIn doesn’t cost you a huge financial outlay. What it does take though is time. As with all new activities there’s a learning curve. As with new activities (think of any sport or skill) you need to put in the effort to understand and then apply and then refine your approach, techniques and skills.

LinkedIn for Lead Generation and Sales

The good news is that you’ve found the Wurlwind resources. Let us guide you along the journey so you become progressively more proficient at LinkedIn, to generate leads, find new customers and grow your business.

LinkedIn for Sales People

If you’re in Sales we’ll highlight the route to enhance your ability to find prospects and improve conversion and closing and grow existing accounts to crush your quota.

LinkedIn for Business Owners

If you’re running a business, either on your own or heading up a team, we’ll highlight your options to use LinkedIn effectively within the very limited time and multiple activities you’re running with, so you can create another source of leads and opportunities.

LinkedIn for Sales Managers and Sales Directors

If you’re managing and directing a sales team we’ll highlight strategies and techniques that improve the way you perform as a team through combined use and leverage of LinkedIn, improving sales revenue results, lead generation activity and enhance team member skills and morale.

LinkedIn for Technology Entrepreneurs

If you’re a technology entrepreneur we’ll highlight ways that you can use LinkedIn to find business partners on the product or distribution side, and make you look even more attractive to partner with and work for.

The Wurlwind LinkedWin service packages to develop your LinkedIn skills

Take the next step right now, and discover how the Wurlwind LinkedWin program and resources will guide you to the next level:

  • LinkedIn Foundations LinkedWin 7 is a 7 step sequence  over 7 days (1 week), to give you a clear grounding in the steps to generate leads through LinkedIn as an individual, along with some quick wins.
  • LinkedIn Intermediate LinkedWin 30 is a 30 day (6 week) program to develop the daily, weekly and monthly activities to build momentum into your personal LinkedIn lead generation activity.
  • LinkedIn Company PageLinkedWin 90 is a 3 month mentoring and coaching program to set-up and develop your customer community through the LinkedIn Company Page. Your customers can now be your marketing partners, and this will create and develop the momentum for this to grow.

Whatever your current usage and skill with LinkedIn I’m sure we can help you move to the next level, to gain sales related benefits, generate leads and find new customers.

The LinkedWin7 sequence is absolutely free. Sign-up now and start to get more from LinkedIn today, and over the next 7 days.