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Connect with customers on LinkedIn – it’s more than being polite

To build long-term relationships it’s essential that we connect with customers and clients. And there are physical and emotional aspects to this. Have you been to an exhibition or trade show and bumped into one of your customers? And did you think: I wish I’d known they were going to be here, to avoid the embarrassment. […]

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Personal Branding – 7 steps to define and develop your personal brand

Many people I talk to have great difficulty defining their personal brand, and expressing the value they provide to others, and then building on that once they have. When working for a company it tends to be the company brand that matters and our position or job title within the company defines us. Some extrovert […]

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Top 10 LinkedIn Strategies and Tips from Wurlwind in 2012 – Part 1

During 2012 I’ve developed, applied and written up many LinkedIn strategies, techniques and tips at the cutting edge of LinkedIn development. This article highlights the top 10 LinkedIn strategies and articles from the Funnel Friday series in 2012. My aim is to help Sales People and Business Owners to identify ways they can use LinkedIn […]

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