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Value Propositions – packaging knowledge to support Social Selling

Knowledge is a wonderful thing, and valuable when it solves problems. And in business the value increases as we solve bigger and bigger problems, helping people to save time and money, to make money, to reduce risk and so on. But time is precious, so the challenge is to maximise our value to prospects and […]

The APPS approach to a compelling customer value proposition

For most business owners, sales managers and sales people the priority is sales and lead generation. Social Media is relatively new and Social Selling is a very new concept. But, definitions apart, are your customers buying in different ways now to say 3-5 years ago? Are you making purchases in different ways? Buying is changing […]

Business Innovation – ideas for business models to gain competitive advantage

Do you have a plan for business innovation, to make sure your business model is fit for the future, in light of market changes and innovations elsewhere? What is having an impact your market? What is creating new opportunities? Legislation, technology and demographics are just three drivers of change. I invite you to take a […]

B2B value – how to align your value with what buyers look for

Knowing your B2B value and the benefits that your product or service provides  is the starting point of success in B2B marketing and sales. Having these aligned against what your prospects and customers need and value will strengthen your had. If your competitors have defined their benefits and are communicating them in a better way than […]

Four Buying Scenarios to help you sell valuable business solutions

Several years ago I found a B2B sales model that looked at different buying scenarios and how to approach the sale in these situations. I was reminded of it the other day, as the model is also applicable to marketing and sales strategy, positioning, messaging in content marketing, and indeed many aspects of the B2B […]

How well do you deliver value to your customers?

Once you’ve sold something and your customer has bought they expect to receive value. They will have expectations about what this value is, and also when it will be realised and how much effort they will need to put in to realise it. There is an opportunity to over-deliver in each of these areas and […]