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AIDA, Next Step, Qualify, Close, Deliver etc.

Content Marketing and the Sales Funnel

Content marketing seems to be all the rage at the moment. Content helps people and businesses to be found through search engines.  Blogs and social media are seen as great ways to put out content in order to be found and so people can start to know, like and trust you. Google rewards fresh content […]

Recycle through the sales funnel

The traditional sales funnel is viewed as linear and one way. This can lead to a lot of wastage as prospects and leads fall by the way-side if they don’t progress to the next stage. It also misses huge opportunities to tap into the potential to leverage progression to feed back into the sales funnel. […]

B2B Buying Cycle – extending AIDA to create a closed loop

Have you considered, or mapped out, the steps that your prospect go through, their B2B buying cycle? Think about the steps you went through for some of your recent purchases. The traditional marketing model has four steps; Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action, known by the acronym ‘AIDA’. For more complex purchases and in the business to […]

Event driven selling as the core to your B2B sales process

Selling, and buying, can be looked at as a series of events. An event driven selling approach helps when analysing what is taking place within the sales cycle, and also in the buying cycle. It enables improvements to be made, in effectiveness and efficiency. What is a selling event? There are several things that can […]