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Educational Content – the fuel that makes Social Selling effective

The Internet has allowed everyone to become a publisher. But not everyone understands how to link content with sales. Many claim that Content is King. We add that Distribution is Emperor, and Context is Queen. While Self-Service via search and Content Marketing is important in low value high volume situations, when it comes to low volume […]

The “Mix of SIX” LinkedIn Status Updates for Social Selling Success

If you’re struggling to work out what Status Updates to post on LinkedIn this article is for you. The “Mix of Six” LinkedIn Status Updates will help you to get much more from LinkedIn, whether you are an entrepreneur or business owner working on your own, whether you head up a business or a sales […]

The APPS approach to a compelling customer value proposition

For most business owners, sales managers and sales people the priority is sales and lead generation. Social Media is relatively new and Social Selling is a very new concept. But, definitions apart, are your customers buying in different ways now to say 3-5 years ago? Are you making purchases in different ways? Buying is changing […]

Social Media for Business is like your daily commute

Regular updates on Social Media Networks are the anchor to effective professional and business use of Social Media. Getting started, and then finding the routine and discipline to post updates and build relationships on a regular basis can be tough, when there are so many pressures on time. Here are seven tips that will help […]

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Blogging for Business – 15 tips to improve your blog benefits

Blogging for Business is a mainstay of Social Media Marketing for businesses. There is a lot of evidence available to support this, for example from Hubspot*. However, there are some techniques that will enhance the benefits, and make the blogging project, and the on-going commitment, much more worthwhile. Blogging with the best I’ve admired and […]

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Five steps to use LinkedIn Status Updates as a Company to generate leads

LinkedIn Status Updates is one of many ways you can promote your business and generate leads. As with other online networks and resources, such as your Website and Twitter, there are three things you need to do: provide something worthwhile for visitors to see and read and ideally to share include content that indirectly or […]

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Content Marketing and the Sales Funnel

Content marketing seems to be all the rage at the moment. Content helps people and businesses to be found through search engines.  Blogs and social media are seen as great ways to put out content in order to be found and so people can start to know, like and trust you. Google rewards fresh content […]