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Matrix Section – Post Sale or 1st Connection Nurture

Customer Appreciation – for referrals, introductions and additional business

It’s all too easy to overlook one of the most valuable aspects of LinkedIn, which is also the foundation for successful Social Selling. Satisfied and delighted customers have already gone through the Know, Like and Trust journey, and made a commitment to you and your business. A little bit of effort in the post-sale period […]

Customer Appreciation pays dividends

Quick Tips: 1. There are many ways to show appreciation in public to customers through LinkedIn. Liking, commenting and sharing their content is one way, giving them endorsements and testimonials is another.  and other Social Media. Introducing them to other people pro-actively is a third. 2. Connecting with your Customer and /or Clients on LinkedIn […]

Connect with customers on LinkedIn – it’s more than being polite

To build long-term relationships it’s essential that we connect with customers and clients. And there are physical and emotional aspects to this. Have you been to an exhibition or trade show and bumped into one of your customers? And did you think: I wish I’d known they were going to be here, to avoid the embarrassment. […]

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LinkedIn Company Page and Directory – how to make the most of them

If you needed to find skills, products or services for your business have you tried a LinkedIn Company Page search? Google is probably the place most people head to, but the quality of the results can be very mixed to say the least. LinkedIn has many advantages over Google. It’s not just for finding people, […]

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Social Selling – the evolution from List to Community is underway

Is your marketing and sales thinking, approach and strategy moving from List to Community yet? Where is ‘the money’? A few years ago I came across the expression ‘The Money is in the List’. Then it was updated to ‘The money is in your relationship with your List’. The contemporary version is ‘The money is […]

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Recycle through the sales funnel

The traditional sales funnel is viewed as linear and one way. This can lead to a lot of wastage as prospects and leads fall by the way-side if they don’t progress to the next stage. It also misses huge opportunities to tap into the potential to leverage progression to feed back into the sales funnel. […]