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Personal Branding – making the most of the LinkedIn Personal Profile

The Internet and Social Media has changed our ability to find information, and also to publish information. One significant area of this is our ability to publish information about ourselves, so that others can find, read and make decisions based on it. This opens up the opportunity for personal branding for everyone – business leaders, […]

Three easy ways a sales person can generate leads with LinkedIn

Three easy ways a sales person can generate leads with LinkedIn prepared and presented by Mark Stonham – LinkedIn Trainer and Social Selling Consultant The Sales Challenge if you’re to make quota Cold Calling sucks … right. Warm calling is much more effective. Leads from Marketing won’t Fill your Funnel. Treat these as a bonus. You need […]

Lead Generation ideas for B2B businesses

Are you and your sales team getting the leads you need to hit your targets? Since you’re reading this I guess that there is either a lead quantity challenge, or a lead quality issue. Recognising that there is a shortfall, finding the root causes, and taking action to address them quickly, are essential steps to […]

Engage and gain permission to communicate

Engage is all about gaining permission to communicate with someone, or having them ‘Follow’ you in Social Media. You need to make it worthwhile for people to choose to engage with you, through the value you offer, expressed in the content you make available. So, for a start it’s worth taking about issues the other […]

Attract new leads and customers

Being able to attract people who have a problem, issue or need that you can solve is a very effective way to feed your sales funnel. There are literally dozens of new options available, which makes it confusing, complex and costly, (especially in terms of your time), to make choices. And then implementation takes time. […]