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LinkedIn Training Modules – bite-sized lead generation training and consultancy calls via Skype

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Welcome to my office…

Do you wish you could talk through a new lead generation task with a knowledgeable advisor, and receive LinkedIn Training in relevant, bite-sized chunks?

Are you looking for someone who is prepared to listen, to understand what you’re trying to achieve, then provide guidance, to walk you through the key steps to complete the task, and answer your questions along the way?

My experience of delivering LinkedIn consultancy and training to clients over the past few years suggests there’s a need for a new form of LinkedIn training.

This is why I’ve designed this format of LinkedIn training specifically for busy customer-facing people – consultants, business owners and salespeople.

Skype-based LinkedIn training & consultancy modules

Classroom courses, webinars, online courses, hints & tips documents etc. all have their value, as does onsite training and consultancy.

But in the fast paced working environment being able to talk on a 1 to 1 basis with a specialist has huge benefits:

  • Modular – focusing on a specific LinkedIn and lead generation task or area, per 50 minute session
  • 1:1 – so they are tailored to each individual, their goals, level, questions etc.
  • Action focused – with clear next steps, planners & checklists, and encouragement and accountability
  • Skype based – to show and do-with via screenshare and video
  • Value for money – maximising benefits and reducing time and costs on both sides

The response to this modular Skype-based training has been very positive.


Take a look at the SEVEN modules below and see which is the best fit for what you need to achieve first.

Then book a time slot that suits you – at the bottom of the page.

I’ll be in touch to arrange payment – of £95 per module (and no VAT). ** Discounts available for multiple bookings.

I look forward to talking with you very soon.


1. LinkedIn Foundations Training Call

This module focuses on helping you understand how to start using LinkedIn effectively.

Ideal for people starting out or needing a refresher for LinkedIn, especially where their lead generation focus is in other areas.

  • Resources – what’s available in LinkedIn, and their value for business development.
  • Navigation – key areas in LinkedIn and what function is available where (especially in the new UI).
  • Profile – completing the essential areas of your LinkedIn Profile.
  • Activities – the essential tasks and routines to get started.

Takeaway – LinkedIn Foundations Planner

2. Attracting Enquiries through LinkedIn

Raising our profile and growing our network by being more active in focused ways creates more potential to follow-up.

Ideal for Subject Matter Experts (Consultants, Business Owners, Salespeople) with a specialist skill or in a niche.

  • Being Distinctive – with Advanced Positioning and Profile techniques
  • Being Credible – building social proof and a powerful network presence
  • Being Visible – Curating, sharing and creating content to develop your specialist positioning.
  • Building Relationships – Joining discussions, starting conversations, generating interest.

Take-away – LinkedIn Personal Branding Planner

3. Customer Appreciation and Growing Key Accounts

How to use LinkedIn to go wider and deeper in larger and higher value client companies.

Client retention and growth through Account-based Marketing (ABM) can create very large rewards.

  • Research & Listening – using LinkedIn to build up a comprehensive understanding of major businesses
  • Relationships – getting closer to key people through LinkedIn
  • Account Penetration – gaining introductions to the right people via existing contacts
  • Complex sales – using LinkedIn through an extended sale/purchase cycle to improve win rates.

Take-away – LinkedIn Key Account Planner

4. Social Prospecting and Social Selling using LinkedIn.

This LinkedIn Training module focuses on finding and making contact with new people to build a prospect list.

Most Consultants, Business Owners and Salespeople will need to do this to boost their sales pipeline at some time or another.

  • Search – Smart ways to use LinkedIn Search to find people and companies
  • Engage – 7 ways to reach out to people and contact them
  • Positioning – Profile update tips to improve engagement and conversations
  • Follow-up – Tips for organising and following up contacts and list building

Take-away – LinkedIn Prospecting Campaign Planner

5. Developing Referrals through LinkedIn

Word of Mouth, and Word of Mouse, are important sources of business that many people overlook, or could be more structured about.

This module focuses on tips and techniques to develop an effective referral channel through LinkedIn

  • Identifying – people who could become referral partners, formally or informally
  • Recruiting – How to approach people who you’d like to refer and introduce you
  • Educating  – Making it easy for people to refer you, and reminding them regularly
  • Rewarding – Identifying, offering and delivering appropriate rewards to referrers.

Take-away – LinkedIn Referral Campaign Planner

6. Article and content-based lead generation

Writing Blog posts is not only good for credibility but, with the right structure, promotion and distribution can also be great for lead generation.

This module focuses on using Articles on your LinkedIn Personal Profile for Lead Generation

  • How to design the Customer Journey to increase lead generation through your profile.
  • Key elements to include in your Lead Generation Article
  • How to promote your article to increase views
  • The Call to Action and your response – What to offer beyond the article.

Take-away – LinkedIn Article based Campaign Planner

7. Using your LinkedIn Company Page to generate leads

For those in a position to create and manage a LinkedIn Company Page this is a powerful way to generate leads and enquiries.

This LinkedIn Training module focuses on using the LinkedIn Company Page to generate leads

  • Status Updates and Sponsoring Updates and how to use them effectively
  • How to get more Followers – ways to organically grow the number of page followers
  • Ways to increase engagement – encouraging people to like, comment and share your content
  • How to generate leads through the Company Page – different lead generation techniques

Take-away – LinkedIn Company Page Promotion and Campaign Planner

Why not pick one of these that attracts you and schedule a time slot below, and start to boost your skills and generate leads for your business very soon.


NB. If you have any questions or are unsure which of these Linkedin Training Modules is right for you why not book a 20 minute discovery call below so we can discuss which option will help you achieve your top priority the quickest.