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Quick Tips about LinkedIn – hopefully these are easy to grasp and implement.

Ten Tips to Connect LinkedIn with Sales

If you’re looking for a roadmap or playbook to Connect LinkedIn with Sales you’re in the right place.

What follows will pull together the various strands of Sales for Sales and Social Selling and join them up into a cohesive framework.

This is not a 5 minute Quick Fix – but individual steps it have produced results for others pretty quickly.












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LinkedIn Tips and Social Selling Techniques

LinkedIn and Social Selling Success Stories from the Web

LinkedIn Success Stories

LinkedIn Success Stories Wurlwind #LinkedWinWe know it’s always interesting, insightful and valuable to find out about other people and companies who are using LinkedIn. As we find LinkedIn Success Stories that we feel are valuable we’ll add them here.   If you find something that you feel would be worth sharing please let us know.

LinkedIn Success Stories from around the Web

LinkedIn Success Stories

LinkedIn Company Page – outbound and inbound Lead Generation strategies

As vendors and buyers do more research online so the relative importance of the LinkedIn Company Page rises. Business Owners and Sales Leaders can take advantage of this opportunity for outbound prospecting and inbound lead generation to get ahead of competitors. Outbound lead generation and prospecting techniques – the first strategy below highlights how you […]

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LinkedIn Case Studies for Sales Directors

In larger enterprises the responsibility of Sales Director or Sales VP is very focused on Sales Operations and closing business, supported by marketing.

As such, the tactics for LinkedIn and Social Selling may need to be more contained initially, focusing on sales operations, sales generated leads, leveraging content create elsewhere, until results are proven.

The case studies below should give ideas and strategies to scope and shape a project and develop the sales team skills, tools and culture.

LinkedIn Case Studies for Sales Directors

How uSamp generated 18 new meetings for 5 sales rep in 30 days

uSamp is the “fastest growing market research firm, and premier provider of technology and survey respondents”, a fiercely competitive market.

Key learning points from this hugely successful project are:

  • Commitment and participation from the top
  • Leverage customers, success stories and their networks to amplify your message and reach
  • Exploit high quality curated content that supports your value proposition
  • Monitor Social Media with tools like LinkedIn Signal
  • Use Twitter to engage people there as well

Initial success like this makes it much easier to build momentum.

XO Communications targeted new sales reps to book an appointment via LinkedIn – 50% success rate!

XO has 280 sales reps across the USA, and sales recruitment and training is vital. On completing training the reps were challenged to book their first appointment via LinkedIn.

Key lessons:

  • Understand and use the Sales Tools available
  • Reposition Sales Reps as Brand Ambassadors and customer problem solvers
  • Invest in training and equiping reps for success, rather than a hire and fire approach

Result: Over 50% of the new sales reps books their first appointment via LinkedIn almost immediately. And one experienced sales lady booked 4 appointments in one day, through LinkedIn, instead of spending time cold-calling.

IBM Cloud Computing Inside Sales Team pioneer Social Selling

IBM is a pioneer in its adoption of new technology for Sales and Marketing, and Social Media, Social Business and Social Selling are no exception.

For this project Mason Zimbler helped IBM implement a social selling program that included personalized Web, Twitter and LinkedIn pages for seven Public Cloud inside sales representatives.

Results: In six months, the program increased aggregated LinkedIn direct network size from 535 to 3,500 and increased potential impressions and reach of social selling messaging from 54,000 to 1.3 million. It also triggered 10 orders on the first day a 60-day free trial.

Results: Sales increased 400% as a result of using LinkedIn and Twitter (and creating a Free Trial Offer!)

Follow-on: As a result of the initial program, all 1,700 IBM North America inside reps have been trained in social selling. The team has made 50,000 LinkedIn connections and posted more than 20,000 tweets, and digital representative pages have received 100,000 visits in the past six months.

Generating PR is cited as one of the project outcomes, hence wide availability of the case study in multiple channels.

IBM’s Social Selling: The Computer Giant Finds B2B Leads in Social Media

 Write-up in Chief Marketer

 – Article on Slideshare


Social Selling Case Studies for Business Owners

Social Selling doesn’t so much change WHAT you do, but it changes HOW you do it.

Social media creates many new methods to reach your customers and prospects and market in ways that keeps step with how your buyers are now buying, and has the potential to put you ahead of your competitors. These case studies illustrate how other small and mid-sized businesses are improving their sales and marketing, and the results they have achieved.

Social Selling case studies for Business Owners

Indium use Social Media to improve the way they shared high value content.

Social Media in Manufacturing is a rarity, but at Indium, a specialist in Solder Supply, there is a jewel. Several of their engineers (17 or so, and 73 blogs.) write Blog Articles to share their expertise with customers, prospects and people who have questions about the technical applications related to solder. They shifted from traditional white papers to blog articles, supported by extensive measurements. Video is part of the mix too, to develop high value conversations, and this rolls over into trade show attendance. The video highlights key points for success and insights too. Social Business doesn’t change WHAT you share, it changes HOW you share it. Excellent summary.

Results: SEO has improved significantly and Leads have ‘gone through the roof’. Trade-show costs are down 75%.