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Lead Generation, Social Prospecting, Enquiries, Introductions, Referrals - all are possible through LinkedIn, when you know how. Get your copy of our Pocket Guide to Lead Generation using LinkedIn here:>
Mark Stonham LinkedIn Trainer Wurlwind

Meet Mark Stonham

I help management consultants, business owners and management teams of SME companies to use LinkedIn more effectively as a business development tool.
  • LinkedIn Trainer / Personal Branding for Sales / Social Selling Consultant
Wurlwind - Social Selling Goals and Objectives

Start with Goals and Objectives

Your LinkedIn progress, sales success and business growth starts with clarity about your Goals.   Follow these tips to define your Goals:>     Track your LinkedIn and Social Selling progress with the LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI). Get your SSI Score for FREE here

Our SOCIAL SELLING MATRIX approach puts the Sales Leader / Management Consultant / Business Owner at the heart of FULL CYCLE SOCIAL SELLING!

Wurlwind Social Selling - Customer Appreciation

When they’ve had their LinkedIn profile rewritten or attended one of our LinkedIn and Social Selling training courses clients gain clarity and confidence

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Very good coverage of LinkedIn functions and some additional ideas of how to get more from the solution.

William Montgomery LinkedIn Portrait

First class overview of LinkedIn and its place in the sales process and how to maximise the benefits. Mark is very knowledgeable and engaging. Highly recommended.

Amy Grenham Linkedin Portrait

Mark worked with Desynit to optimise our personal and company presence on LinkedIn. Mark knows LinkedIn through and through, and how to make it work harder for your business. He has a great deal of experience and knowledge which he has built up by working with many different clients and businesses.

LinkedIn Profile Rewrite and Social Selling Training packages delivered by Mark Stonham of Wurlwind

LinkedIn Training Workshops for Individuals

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** LinkedIn Masterclass Bristol **

March 18th - Sold Out

May 13th

June 24th

Find out what you could learn here:

LinkedIn and Social Selling Training for Management and Sales Teams

Social Selling Training Foundation Training  

Businesses with 3+ sales people can gain a real sales advantage from this on-site LinkedIn and Social Selling Training course.

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