• LinkedIn Training and Social Selling Consultancy

    Selling is becoming Social Selling as buyer behaviour changes

    Follow the 3 Steps below for Social Selling Success...

Step 1: What should I Say? – How to Initiate Conversations with a strong Customer Value Proposition and Personal Branding

Stand out from the crowdWe have a golden opportunity to start adding value even before we start talking to prospects and well-informed buyers. Personal branding that delivers a clear and engaging customer value proposition is a powerful technique to establish credibility really quickly. Click to Discover how to STAND OUT from the Crowd on LinkedIn

Step 2: What should I Do? – How to use LinkedIn more effectively to Start Conversations, Build Sales Relationships and grow your Network

LinkedIn social network for businessSales Professionals and Business Owners who master LinkedIn and Social Selling techniques are being more successful that those who haven't yet. Find out how to use LinkedIn to get more influence with the right business decision-makers. Click here for Techniques to use LinkedIn to achieve sales goals

Step 3: What support can I get? – How to identify and develop the tools and resources needed to support effective Social Selling

Ideas and PreparationAppropriate resources and tools improves customer engagement and makes selling more professional, productive and effective. Sales leaders are recognising the importance of content, systems and teamwork to Connect Social with Sales. Click to discover Sales Resources for effective Social Selling
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I knew LinkedIn was valuable to my company but could not see how. Mark’s LinkedIn training has simply shown me and my colleagues how valuable to growth it is!

Alan Mikkelson Portrait

Mark was very patient and professional with his help, training and guidance to create my profile. His knowledge of LinkedIn is exceptional.

Guy Arnold

This is an excellent and easy to understand course, priced very reasonably and in a great location. It easily delivers the value needed to invest the money and time required. I found it really helpful.